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Our last winners for the summer…Daystar and Summerhippee August 10, 2009

Posted by Aubri in From your teen librarian, week 8.

Take a look at the prize page and tell me what you want!

I have just loved opening up my email to read your reviews-thanks for being your thoughtful, funny, honest, wonderful selves.

Let me know what you want Daystar and summerhippee…also stay tune for some rather odd posts this week…

And I’ll post on the day we draw for the nano…Aug. 31!

Best! Aubri


Wild Orchid by Cameron Dokey August 10, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Fairy Tales, week 8.

Polka_Dot LY

This book is a part of a series called Once Upon a Time which is a whole bunch of retellings of fairy tales. Wild Orchid is a retelling of the ballad of Mulan. I really liked this book. It was about how a young girl finds love in her family (and someone else, but i wont give it away) and brings them honor by saving China and being very courageous.  The setting was in china which wsa something new for me.It was  pretty interesting to read about their culture and some of there traditions and rules etc.  Unlike some other fairytales, this book shows how women can be just as strong and brave as men and even save the day 🙂

Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty August 10, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Family/Friendship, Realistic, Slow start, week 8.
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summerhippee Deming

Jessica Darling is devistated when her best friend, Hope, moves away. Jessica doesn’t fit in at school, the guy she likes doesn’t even know she excitsts and she doesn’t fit in at home, with her dad who only talks to her when it has to do with her track meets. With Hope gone Jessica feels like nothing, just nothing. But Jessica is thrown for a loop when Marcus Flutie, known as a “Dreg” at school suddenly takes intrest in her. Jessica soon finds herself taking a false pee test and spending more time with strange but compelling Marcus.
This book started out really slow and kind of depressing but as soon as Marcus enters the picture the book really heated up. This is the first in five books and I am un-clear if McCafferty is planning on writing more or if there are only going to be five. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Book 1 by J. K. Rowling August 10, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Action, Adventure, Fantasy, week 8.
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This is the second time that I have read the first Harry Potter and I loved it a lot. I decided to read it after I saw the sixth one and just new that I had to read the series again.
Harry Potter may seem like an ordinary kid at first glance. Floppy hair, lanky. But if you got to knew him you would know he was different. Up until Harry is eleven he has lived with his aunt and uncle and cousin Dudley because his parents died in a car crash when he was one. But on the night of his eleventh birthday a strange, large man appears and changes Harry’s whole idea of the world. Harry soon finds that he has magical powers and is wisked of to Hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards. Soon Harry befriends Ron and Hermione and seems to generally fit in at school. But soon strange things start to happen to Harry and the kids at Hogwarts.
This is a suspensful and thrilling book filled with magic and fun. I loved it and I am in the process of reading the second.

Wicked by Gregory Maguire August 10, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Fantasy, week 8.
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This is a great book, and shows the classic story the Wizard of Oz in a whole new way. This book follows the story of Elphaba (the “Wicked Witch of the West”) as she grows up and goes to school at Shiz University. There she is room mates with the snnobish Galinda (Glinda, the Good Witch of the North). Being the girl with green skin, she is shunned, an outcast from society. Slowly, Glinda and Elphaba become friends, and are later joined by Elfie’s sister Nessarose, later known as the Wicked witch of the East. One of the girls teachers, the Goat Dr. Dillamond, is an Animal rights activist. There is a big difference between an Animal and an animal. An animal is the type of creature that we know– incappable of speech and rational thought. An Animal is exactly the same as us, except, of course, they look like animals. Dr. Dillamond was working on a way to prove that Animals and humans have no differences except for their appearance. Elphaba takes kindly to the old Goat, and agrees to help him with his study. But when the good doctor is found dead, Elphaba heads to confront the Wizard, convinced he is evil. Although we all know the tragic end, this is such an amazing book that I could not put it down. While very political in its root, Wicked is a great story that shows another, more deadly side of the shinning Oz we all know and love. This book totally changed the way I view the Wizard of Oz, and I think it shows another, more softer side of the villan we all believed to be completely evil. I have to say that Elphaba is one of my favorite characters of all time, and I’m sure that anyone who has read the book will agree with me. For those who don’t want to have the image of a flawless Oz ruined, then I feel sorry for you. You truly do not know what you are missing.

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott August 10, 2009

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summerhippee Deming

The reason I picked this book out to read was because I read Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott and thought it was really good. It turns out that this book did not live up to my expectation at all. It’s about a girl who is dating the perfect guy and she is really comfortable with him, but when she meets Evan, a guy from her childhood, she can’t help but love the way he makes her feel. Soon she finds herself still dating perfect Dave but also secretly making out with Evan after school. The reason I disliked this book so much was the fact that she doesn’t do anything about the fact that Dave keeps saying he loves her and she keeps sneaking off behind his back. It does turn out great in the end but I think that people should realize that in lots of cases it doesn’t and lots of people get hurt. I thought that the girl should have told Dave WAY before she did but then again, I didn’t write the book.

Adored: and IT girl novel by Cecily von Ziegesar August 7, 2009

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Adored is the eighth(?) novel in the series IT girl. It follows a wide group of kids but many focuses on a few main charectors. Tinsley has finally gotten together with Julian and can’t wait to take him out but when she finds that Julian isn’t a vigin like she is she doesn’t know what to do. When Tinsley hers Jenny talking about her short but “intense” relationship with Julina Tinsley just knows that Jenny was the one who got to him first. While Tinsley decides what to do about Julian, Callie is recently single after a hard break up with Easy and is looking for a new project. She soon finds Sebastion who is being tutored by Bret and when Callie lays hands on Sebastion Bret suddenly feels really protective.
During all of this the holidays are coming and Secret Santa time is here but when someone highjacks the Secret Santa idea and turns it into Secret Satan everything starts to get nasty in a gross AND mean way.
It all comes down to annual holiday ball when the truth comes out. Even the truth that some people don’t want to here.

Crushed by Laura and Tom McNeal August 7, 2009

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Audrey and her best friends Lea and C.C. just transfered from a small private school to Jemison High. All three are all on the weirder side of the popular kids so every one, including Audrey herself, is shocked when the hansome new kid Wickham Hill asks her out. Soon Audrey begins falling for Wickham HARD, but something about Wickham doesn’t seem right. He always knows what to say, avoids talking about his mom and dad and doesn’t drive. But Audrey ignores all this.
Then things start changing whether Audrey wants it or not. Clyde, a strange lurking guy in her world history class starts talking to her. Or at least trying to. And The Yellow Paper starts printing horribly mean things. But all this could change if Audrey just figures out how to do somethings and how not do to others.
This book was so-so and not really that interesting. It got better toward the end but was really slow in the beginning. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Chanda’s Wars by Allan Stratton August 4, 2009

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In this sequal to Chanda’s Secrets, Chanda finds herself faced with new problems but all as equally hard or harder. Chanda has this dream. It’s filled with lots of kids running down the road, the ditches on each side filled with blood and they’re in Trio. These dreams start to happen more and more and soon Mrs. Taft suggests it must have something to do with Chanda refusing to go to Trio to see her family. Chanda refuses to go but soon can’t take the dreams any longer and when her grandma calls saying that she is sorry for the past and wishes to give the children their blessing before she dies, Chanda doesn’t say no. But what she finds in Trio she can’t help but wish she hadn’t. And soon Chanda is on a hunt to find her siblings and save them from what most likely will be death.
I loved this book but like the first one it is really intense. Both Chanda and other characters have to over come their pride to do what is best and what they know is right. No matter how dangerous.

Bloodhound; Book Two by Tamora Pierce August 4, 2009

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In this sequel to Terrier, Beka has been promoted to a Dog. But Beka can’t seem to keep a partner. One of Beka’s “birdies” tells her that the rye crops are going bad and when the bakery raises prices a riot breaks out. In the riot, Tunstall breaks both of his legs and must stay in bed for weeks. Then a large amount of false silver coins start apearing in shops and markets and when they find a trail leading to Cayn (not spelt right) two dogs must be sent to find the false coins. With Tunstall’s legs broken Beka and Goodwin are sent on the job. They must go undercover as visiting Dogs learning about the cities own Dogs. But a little surprise comes along when Beka sees Dale from the riot. Soon Beka and Dale become very close but Beka worries what will happen if he is one of the false coin makers, or what will happen to her heart? But Beka tries to put that behind her as she searches or clues leading to the coin makers and finds some astonishing news.
This book is really suspenseful and full of action. Not to mention a little romance. I really enjoyed this book and really suggest that people read it. But remember to read the first one first!