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Our Winners for Week 5 and 6 July 27, 2009

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Our winner for week 5 is
Lyndeskier at Lynden

And for week 6
newsaxonycitizen at (mostly) Ferndale

Yahoo! Congrats! Click the prize tab at the top of this page to see your options.

If your main library is Bellingham I forward all those posts to Jennifer so you can be entered in the BPL prize drawing because Jennifer does all the prizes for Bellingham Teens. 🙂

To claim your prize all you need is to be a teen with a Whatcom County library card. I’ll be emailing you to find out if you want me to mail you the prize or if you want to pick it up at your library. I don’t work at the Ferndale or Lynden library every day, so the prize won’t be there right away-I’ll email you when I send it off and when I think it will be at your local library!

Thanks for the great reviews.


Princess Lessons July 18, 2009

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The book Princess Lessons is what the Princess Diaries movies is based on.  Mia is basically telling about what it’s like to be a Princess like, what your wardrobe is supposed to be and that it should only take you 15 minutes to do your hair.  I liked this book, first because of its cover and then I was also surprised at how much a princess has to know how to do.

Chill July 18, 2009

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Book: Chill
Author: Deborah Reber
This book talks about and analyses stress. It also tells yous how to relieve yourself of stress and how not to cause it for yourself in the first place. I would definitely recommend it because it goes over so many ways to prevent and manage stress that it fits into every lifestyle. Some stuff included in this book are Time Management, Yoga, and Organization skills! I know that this book will help me in the coming year, and I hope that if you read it it will also help you.

Pendragon July 18, 2009

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Pendragon: Black Water Book 5 by D.J. MacHale

Warning: May contain spoilers for the previous book.
This book is the fifth in the series Pendragon. After Bobby lost his first territory, Veelox, he is off you find his friend Gunny who is on Eelong. But what Bobby finds their throws him for a loop. Instead of humans being the dominating creature they are cats called klees and humans, who are called gars, are considered animals. As Bobby tries to find out what the turning point is for this territory he begins to think it is the fact that the klees are starving and are about to resort to eating the gars, which were previously their slaves. But what Bobby doesn’t know is that his friends back on second earth, Courtney and Mark, know what is actually going on. The only way they can tell Bobby what they know is if they disobey his orders and go against what they had previously believed was right. Saint Dane had said that the rules had changed and so they have. Courtney and Mark are now able to flume to see Vo Spader on Cloral and there they make their decision.

In this book Bobby is forced to make many desicions that will either make or break their fight and will put many of his friends in danger. Not to mention tell someone he is now the traveler of Eelong who doesn’t want to be.

The Witches July 18, 2009

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The Witches by Roald Dahl

I started reading this book because I was flying on a plane and needed a book to read so I borrowed it from my grandma’s house. I didn’t expect to like it but I actually found it really interesting and kept me entertained. The kid in this story had his parents killed when he was young and is now living with his grandma in Norway but soon are forced to move back to England (?) where they take a trip to this nice hotel for the summer. Grandma always loved to tell stories about witches to the kid but these stories were about real witches who always wore gloves and were bald. The kid loved these stories and was able to recognise the few witches he saw. But one day when he was teaching his mice to tight-rope walk he was trapped in a room with eighty-five witches. Grandma had told the kid about the Grand High Witch and the yearly meeting with all of the witches from that country and now the kid was stuck in this room during the meeting. Now he only has to figure out how to get out.

First Family July 18, 2009

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I finished reading First Family by David Baldacci a few days ago. It was as thrilling, complicated, and extraordinary as the three previous adventures of his, involving Sean King and Michelle Maxwell. When a member of the first family is kidnapped, the first lady asks private investigator -and old friend- Sean King to find the victim. As King and his partner, Maxwell, embark on this journey they find deception in the scariest of places, and soon realize it’s not going to be some simple case. This kidnapper is smart, and has a pretty good incentive for what he’s doing…
I seriously recommend all books by David Baldacci. He is an exceptional writer; I hope everyone who enjoys a good, long read can get their hands on one of his novels. You will not be disappointed!

Metro Girl July 18, 2009

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Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich is an extremely fun read. Barney’s brother is in trouble. So now she must ditch her job in Baltimore to go save her brother, Wild Bill, in Florida. While there she gets involved with NASCAR driver, Sam Hooker, a very large woman, Rosa, Rosa’s gun wielding Cuban friend, and some scary guys she has nicknamed Puke-Face, Slick, and Gimpy. Trucking through cigar warehouses, very large boats, the Gulf of Mexico, and random towns in Florida, Barney searches to find her brother and his new love, Maria.
I seriously suggest this hilarious novel to anyone in the mood for some adequate writing and an amazingly humorous story-line. Barney and Hooker are characters that are actually pretty easy to relate to, on a mundane level.
Beware creative cussing and sexual innuendoes.

Slam July 18, 2009

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Slam by Nick Hornby
This book was okay but got kind of slow and weird at some points. It is written from the point of view of a 16 year old guy named Sam. Sam’s mom had him when she was only 16 and Sam has had to live with having his many of his neighbors and friends looking down on him because of it. Then Sam meets Alicia. They began going out but they spend most of their time in her bedroom. Just as things start to be working out Sam finds out that Alicia is pregnant. Sam tries to hide from the truth, embarassed because he did exactly what his mom did but his Tony Hawk poster sends him into the future (Sam often talks to his poster and the poster talks back). Sam is able to see what his future will be like but is it enough to make him go back and help Alicia through the pregnancy?

Chanda’s Secrets July 18, 2009

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Chanda’s Secrets by Allan Stratton
This was a really emotional and great book. It is set in south Africa where almost everyone is ashamed to admit that they or a family member has AIDS and people that have it are shunned and thrown to the streets. The book starts out by giving an overview of Chanda’s life: Having her father and brother die in a mining explosion; Iris being born by Isaac; Isaac sexually abusing Chanda; Soly being born my Mr. Dube; all leading up to their life right now where Chanda lives with her mother, her mother’s boyfriend Johan and her brother and sister in a small house next to their neighbor Mrs. Tafa. But after Johan disapeers for a month and apeers back at the house obviously infected with AIDS, everthing changes for Chanda. Now all she can think about is if her mom had AIDS or whether she does. Chanda doesn’t know what to do or if she can do anything.
This is an amazing story about a teenage girl overcoming her fears and the pressure of others to do what she thinks is right to help her family and friends. I really love it although it is sad.

Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson July 14, 2009

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Lynden Branch
This book is set back around 1917 during a war. 16 yr. old Hattie moves out to the wilderness in Montana to prove up a claim her uncle gave her and to prove that she is capable of living her own life and having her own home.  Hattie incounters many struggles and heartbreaks but also makes lifelong friends and learns valuble lessons during her homesteading life. The ending of this book is kinda sad  (I wont give it away!) but the story was really really good. I highly recomend it!