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Winners for Week 3…tHaT_dUdE from The lynden branch of WCLS, ella, and Summerhippee July 6, 2009

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WELCOME TO WEEK 3…we are up to 100 posts…pretty sweet!

We have a prize winner from last week who has not claimed a prize yet…tHaT_dUdE from The lynden branch of WCLS.

Our two new winners are ella and Summerhippee!

To claim your prize look at the prize page (see the tab at the top of the page), post what prize you want here and let me know if you want me to mail it to you or send it to your branch to be picked up.

This week I was talking with some friends about what book we would want to be read if we were in a comma.  Some people wanted to be read the news, and others wanted kids book…someone wanted a travel guide to Italy!

Love reading your posts!



In the eyes of Maximum Ride July 6, 2009

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tHaT_dUdE from The lynden branch of WCLS

Brace yourself for another James Patterson novel this time in the eyes of Maximum Ride. A normal 14 year old girl except for one thing… She has wings!. Maximum Ride: The angel exparament. Is a Sci-Fi/Adventure story describing the thoughts and feelings of an average teenager through different situations. This book will have you reading it and it’s 4 squeals over and over and over again.

Between Mom and Jo by Julie Anne Peters July 6, 2009

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Nick has lesbian parents. He loves them and they love him. But after Nick starts school he starts being hassled because his parents are gay. After that it just gets worse for Nick. Then his parents start having marriage problems. Nick is going down hill and no one is able to help him.

This book is filled with little stories through out his life and memories about them. I thought it was pretty good but was a slow read. I wouldn’t recommend this to any one who is against gays or doesn’t like a a slow read, but is wasn’t a bad book.

Terrier by Tamora Pierce July 6, 2009

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This is the first book in a series. It is about this girl Beka Cooper who is training to be a dog. “Dogs” are what we would call police. They go around catching thieves and the sort. Now normally most trainees, puppies, don’t make it even to be a dog because the life is so harsh and so many of them die, but Beka has a slight advantage. She is able to here the spirits of the dead that ride on pigeon’s backs. In the best cases they tell her their name and where they died and Beka is able to find them and their spirit is able to go to the after world. But when Beka finds these 9 certain spirits they don’t give her any info. Soon Beka finds that she has two huge crimes in her hands and talks to her “Dogs”. Her “Dogs” are her two trainers. From their it spirals into tons of murders, kidnapping, and Beka and her friends life become endangered. This is a really awesome book! I love it so much and it is really suspenseful. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich July 6, 2009

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Central Bellingham Library
I just read Metro Girl by Janet Evanovich. Much like her other well know character, Stephanie Plum, Alexandra “Barney” is a quirky, easy to relate to woman who grew up in a Baltimore car garage, and has the attitude to prove it. When Barney’s little brother, Wild Bill, goes missing, and she finds his apartment has been searched, she high tails it over to Florida to solve the mystery. Along the way, she meets NASCAR legend Sam Hooker, a sexy Texas womanizer who sets his sights on Barney. Teaming up with two large round Mexican woman and Judey, Barney’s gay friend, they find out that Bill is involved in some bad stuff (a plot to overthrow the Cuban government, a poison canister that could easily kill six million people, and several millions of dollars in gold bricks). Intent on saving her brother, and his new girl, Barney winds up pissing off several bad people– and I think we all know what comes next.
This story, like so many others of Evanovichs, is so spellbinding and fun, I devoured it all in one sitting! Plus, it’s funny (I laughed so much my sides hurt) and the characters are so charming you’d think they really exist (who can’t resist NASCAR guy when he’s trying to be funny?). This really is a great book.

Death By Denim July 6, 2009

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I just finished the third installment Death By Denim, in Linda Gerber’s series. Like the others, the author can’t get her thoughts on the page as well as some authors, but it’s a fun read that I’m sure you’d enjoy, anyway.
Aphra starts the book off in France, with a new identity. She goes to school, does her work, and comes home. No conversing, no friends. Nothing. So it comes as a surprise when one day, someone from the Agency tracks Aphra and her mother down, and tells them they need to get out of town.
Right away.
So they take a train to Paris, where someone tails them the whole way. Aphra soon realizes the only way to end this crazy life of running and hiding, for Seth’s family, and hers, is to face the problem head on. So she travels to Italy to find Seth and take out the enemy. But how does the Agency keep finding her? And who is the actual traitor in her colleagues?
Find out in this mystery: Death By Denim.

Girls Life magazine July 6, 2009

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I just read GL or Girls Life magazine. (The 2008-2009 December issue) It is a good one for teen girls to read because it has quizes, advice, fashion, hair and makeup tips, stories etc. If you want something fun to flip through that woun’t take you a long time to read I would totally suggest this magazine. Also this issue in paticular gives holiday advice and great gift ideas and features Taylor Swift who I love!! 🙂

Rules of the Road July 6, 2009

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Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer is a book about a girl who becomes her 70-year-old bosses driver. They drive from Chicago to Texas with many stops along the way. There is some humor and also some sadness. I think this book wasn’t the greatest. I don’t really recommend it, but if you do read it, you might have fun with the plot.

Death By Latte July 1, 2009

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I read the sequel to Death By Bikini: Death By Latte. Now Aphra is in Seattle, and has found her mother. But Natalie doesn’t seem very happy to see her daughter. Natalie’s partner, Joe, keeps insisting Aphra leave; and then he winds up dead in a coffee shop, poisoned. To top it all off Aphra’s boyfriend shows up and tells her he needs the ring he gave to her back. Aphra’s not having a very good day… and it’s about to get worse. Who killed Joe? Why does Seth (a.k.a Adam) need the ring back? And what’s up with Aphra’s mother? Aphra finds the answers… but it might just get her killed.
A good sequel. The writing isn’t especially great, but the books are fun and mysterious.

Read Online-Daniel X: Watch the Skies July 1, 2009

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I know that there are some of you out there wishing you had something to read RIGHT NOW.  But you can’t make it into the library this minute.  Just wanted you to know that if you like fast moving Sci Fi you can read some chapters in the new James Patterson book that is coming out July 27th.  

This is the second book in the series about a teenage alien hunter.  The first book is called The Dangerous Days of Daniel X.

If this chapter looks good to you you can request the first book or the soon-to-be out book!