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Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke June 22, 2009

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My sister has been trying to get me to read this book for a long time and I finally got around to it. Dragon Rider follows the story of Firedrake, Sorrel, and Ben. Firedrake is a dragon who’s valley is being taken over by humans and Sorrel is a brownie who lives with Firedrake. They set of in search in The Rim of Heaven which is a valley that is said to have dragons living in it. Soon they meet Ben, a homeless human boy who comes along with them. They travel to many places in search of the Rim of Heaven until they finally get to the Himalayas. But through many unfortunate events Nettlebrand, a golden creature that looks like a dragon, has followed them and plans on hunting and killing all of the dragons on earth. Nettlebrand’s servent, Twigleg, befriends Firedrake and his group and travels with them as Nettlebrand’s spy but soon he begins to really like Ben and wants to stop working for his master. But their problem cannot be fixed that easily. The group with have to fight enchanted ravens, cold weather, mountain dwarves and eventually has to defeat Nettlebrand if they ever have a chance to find The Rim of Heaven. This is a really cool adventure story and is a really fun read. I recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy and magical creatures.


Princess Bride June 22, 2009

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Violet_Moon   Ferndale Library

I just finished reading the Princess Bride. It is an amazing book about a farm boy and a milkmaid and true love. The book however is not really a romance but is really an adventure. The best parts of the book are the actual characters, like Inigo Montoya, the Spanish fencer, and Fezzik, the dim-witted giant. Then there is Westley, the brave and handsome farmboy. If you liked the movie, your gonna love the book!

To Post a review to this blog June 20, 2009

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All you have to do to is send me an email…


🙂 And to comment on what others said… just hit comment on any of the posts!

Week 1 Prizes June 20, 2009

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Week one was FANTASTIC-thanks for your posts.

Emma won a Lynden fair pass for being our first poster.

edward_bella_cullen19 was also drawn for a prize…you can pick between a certificate for Passionfly gift certificate…Passionfly is a sweet second hand shop in downtown Bellingham…or a Village Books gift certificate.

Comment here to let me know what you want and if you want me to mail you your prize or send it to your local branch.

Congrats!  Prize draws are going to switch to Monday after this week so the weekend posts can be added to the mix.

Anyone who posted a review can claim 2 WTA passes-just post here again if you want them!

Thanks-so great to meet some of you at the Lynden Library this week.  I am there all day on Thursdays if you want to come talk face to face about books.

Briana’s Gift by Lurlene McDaniel June 18, 2009

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From summerhippee

In Deming
This book is an amazing story! It follows the story of Susanna who is 14. When Susanna’s sister, Briana, runs away and then comes back a year later, Susanna is shocked to find that her sister is pregnant. Their mom is very mad at Briana and doesn’t want to keep the baby but Briana and Susanna do. At the same time as all this Susanna is crushing on her best friend, Stuart, but can’t seem to tell him. One day Susanna and her mom get a call that Briana has been taken to the hospital. When they get there they find that she has been taken into ICU and is in critical condision. Susanna’s mom must then decide if they wish to save the baby or let her go along with Briana. This book is heart warming and brings tears to your eyes. It is all about what people do when life throws something at them that they weren’t expecting and they don’t want. It is a great book and I really recommend it.

Secret Identity June 18, 2009

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I just finished Secret Identity, book one of the Nancy Drew Identity trilogy by Carolyn Keene. This book is mostly for girls, but guys would enjoy it too. This triolgy is about cyberbullying and a new virtual world called Better Life. I highly recommend this book. If you like mystery and suspense, try this book!

Summerhippee, Polka_dot and Dark_Chocolate Win June 16, 2009

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Summerhippee and Polka_dot and Dark_Chocolate are new posters today which means you get 2 WTA passes.  SWEET! No there are no cars in the give away this year, but the bus passes were designed by a local teen in Deming so they are quite awesome.

Just post here and let me know if you want me to mail them to you, or if you want to pick them up in your branch.

I see we have some Lynden posters-just want you to know both those branches are posting teen art this summer if you are interested to bringing yours in and getting your work out there for the world to see.


Garfield Worldwide June 16, 2009

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Garfield Worldwide is such a funny book! Some people may think that cartoons are just for kids but the Garfield books are so hilarious! He always has something funny to “say” and is constantly getting into trouble.This fat cat with an attitude could make anyone laugh out loud. Not to mention his sidekicks Jon and Odie! This book is really nice for a summer read because it is easy yet keeps you laughing. 🙂

Dateable by Justin Lookadoo and Hayley DiMarco. June 16, 2009

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I just finished Dateable by Justin Lookadoo and Hayley DiMarco. This book is for both guys and girls and I highly recomend it. It is written in a Christian perspective and is easy to understand. This book is fun to read and is humorous in parts but is very helpful. Justin and Hayley answer questions for guys and girls that I know alot of people  want to know. If you are clueless about the opposite gender or want to become Dateable, try it out!

The Iliad by Homer June 16, 2009

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From Summerhippee

I had to read this book for my world history class and would have never read it other wise. It is a story about the last year of the Trojan War which is fought between the Achaeans and the Trojans, where the Achaeans try to take over the city of Troy. It is really gory and the author gives lots of details about who dies and how they died. I didn’t really like this book because of all the gore and violence but I did like it because you got to here a lot about how the Greek gods played apart in the war. It also had quite a few twists and turns that I was not expecting and also had some exciting suspense. But I would not recommend this book for people who do not like gore and a slow plot.