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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer July 27, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Mystery, vampires, week 6.
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The book Twilight which is written by Stephenie Meyer is a book i absolutely fell in love with and believe that everyone else should read it too. It is about a seventeen year old girl who’s name is Isabella, Bella for short. In this book Bella moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington because her parents are divorced and she wants to spend some quality time with her dad. As Bella starts school action begins to kick in. Like how mysterious the Cullens are, especially Edward who appears to dislike Bella. Also how the Blacks don’t want Bella getting close to the Cullens and their business and how it’s the same thing with Edward but the other way around. With all this confusion which leads to loads of questions and not answers Bella is determined to find out as much as she can about the Cullens. By now, Bella does not plan to leave one question unanswered.

by: Xiao Jie


BREAKING DAWN BY: Stepahnie Meyer June 15, 2009

Posted by Aubri in vampires.


So Bella and Edward get married in the beginning of the book and on their honeymoon, Bella wants Edward to make love to her while she is still human. A couple of weeks later, Bella finds out that she is pregnant and Edward wants her to get an abortion. Bella decides to keep the child and during her pregnetcy, she looks horrible until Edward suggests that the bay wants blood, but is not getting any. So Bella starts to drink blood while she is still human. Bella starts to look better until Jacob comes back and she hurls up all th blood she had to drink. That meant the baby is coming. Edward then takes her upstairs and gets the baby out of Bella. Then, Edward injects a syringe of his venom straight into her heart after her gives her morphine. Jacob see the baby Reneesme and imprints on her. In 2 days, Bella opens her eyes for the first time in her new life. Her and Edward go hunting and then they come back and Bella sees Reneesme. Bella then finds out that Jacob imprinted on her daughter. Bella objects to it at first but then she grows into it. Reneesme was closely guarded by Rosalie while Bella was transforming. Edward comes to love the baby. One day out in the meadow, Bella is holding Reneesme and Irina (from Tanya’s clan) sees them and mistakes Reneesme for an immortal child (they are illegal) and Alice sees that she is going to Volturi. A while later, Alice sees that all of the Volturi is coming for them. Even the wives that never leave the tower. So the Cullens try to gather witnesses to convince the Volturi that Reneesme is not immortal. Alice then leaves with Jasper. There is a note left in her house that she thinks is form Alice but it was really form jasper. The note said an address. They get about 20-30 vampires to witness and a couple of them teach Bella how to use her new ability, which is a mental shield. Bella goes to the address to find out it is a lawyer that Jasper knows that does fake documents. Be lla buys documents for Jacob and Reneesme. A month has past and it is almost time. Bella then gives her daughter to Jake, along with the documents. Bella puts her shield up as soon as the cloaked figures are in sight so that their powers do not work at that time. The Volturi and Cullen/witnesses exchange conversation and eventually convince them that she isn’t an immortal child thanks to Alice who found Nahuel and Huilen. Nahuel convinced the Volturi that Reneesme is not immortal, but indeed half-vampire because he is one to. After, that they get back to there lives. Edward and Bella return to their house with Reneesme. For the first time, Edward could read Bella’s mind, but only if she pushes her shield away. Then, they say to each other that they have a bit of time to work on that and then Bella says “forever and ever”.

Vampirates June 15, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Pirates, vampires, week 1.

Vampirates is an awesome book! Grace is my favorite character! She totally got picked up by vampire pirates! (Luv vamps and pirates. Combined… wicked) Connor is ok, but he’s to protective over Grace and that’s all he thought about when they were separated. I also like Grace’s vamp buddy, Laurken. (don’t think I spelled right) I don’t know though if picking Grace up from the Vampirate ship was the best idea. And the bad vampire is now roaming around eating people! Well can’t wait till the 2nd.