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Oh.My.Gods.- Tera Lynn Childs July 8, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Fantasy, Sports, week 4.
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screen name: mini-Nikki

library branch: Belling ham
Everything was perfect for Phoebe Castro, she was a Cross Country star in her high school in CA, her and her two best friends were going to college together and she was about to get her scholarship! But then her mom tells her she married a Greek guy and they were moving to Greece.  Then Phoebe is dealing with moving to Greece, meeting her new evil stepsister and leaving her friends she’s know from elementary school. Out of the blue Phoebe’s new step dad tells her that she’s attending a school for descendants of the Greek Gods! So Phoebe goes through her day trying to avoid the kids at school that are out to get her with their “Greek God powers”. But then she starts Cross Country in school and everything changes.
This was an o.k. book not the best book in the world. I liked the parts that were about running, the sequel is called Goddess Boot Camp.