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Bloom by Elizabeth Scott August 10, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Didn't like it, Romance, week 8.
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summerhippee Deming

The reason I picked this book out to read was because I read Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott and thought it was really good. It turns out that this book did not live up to my expectation at all. It’s about a girl who is dating the perfect guy and she is really comfortable with him, but when she meets Evan, a guy from her childhood, she can’t help but love the way he makes her feel. Soon she finds herself still dating perfect Dave but also secretly making out with Evan after school. The reason I disliked this book so much was the fact that she doesn’t do anything about the fact that Dave keeps saying he loves her and she keeps sneaking off behind his back. It does turn out great in the end but I think that people should realize that in lots of cases it doesn’t and lots of people get hurt. I thought that the girl should have told Dave WAY before she did but then again, I didn’t write the book.

Bloodhound; Book Two by Tamora Pierce August 4, 2009

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In this sequel to Terrier, Beka has been promoted to a Dog. But Beka can’t seem to keep a partner. One of Beka’s “birdies” tells her that the rye crops are going bad and when the bakery raises prices a riot breaks out. In the riot, Tunstall breaks both of his legs and must stay in bed for weeks. Then a large amount of false silver coins start apearing in shops and markets and when they find a trail leading to Cayn (not spelt right) two dogs must be sent to find the false coins. With Tunstall’s legs broken Beka and Goodwin are sent on the job. They must go undercover as visiting Dogs learning about the cities own Dogs. But a little surprise comes along when Beka sees Dale from the riot. Soon Beka and Dale become very close but Beka worries what will happen if he is one of the false coin makers, or what will happen to her heart? But Beka tries to put that behind her as she searches or clues leading to the coin makers and finds some astonishing news.
This book is really suspenseful and full of action. Not to mention a little romance. I really enjoyed this book and really suggest that people read it. But remember to read the first one first!

Persuasion by Jane Austen August 4, 2009

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“Persuasion” is the story of Anne Elliot, a shy girl living in 19th century England whose had a broken heart for years. When she was younger, she was proposed to by the love of her life, but was persuaded by a friend not to accept because she was of a higher social status. But years later he gets rich and comes back to town, bringing back all of Anne’s pain after she’s tried to forget him.
Although this may sound like a tragic book, it’s anything but that. It’s a beautiful tale of love, loyalty, and the power of persuasion, and has a very satisfying ending. The first couple of chapters are a little slow, but after that you can’t put it down. Definitely my favorite Jane Austen novel (even better than Pride and Prejudice).

Love and other four letter words by Carolyn Mackler August 2, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Family/Friendship, Romance, Week 7.

summerhippee Deming

When Sammie’s parents split up and she is forced to move to New York City with her mom, Sammie feels like nothing will ever work out. But soon Sammie meets a quirky girl in the dog park. Sammie and Phoebe soon become great friends but Sammie’s problems are still not fixed. Her mom is constantly reading self-help books and is scared and uncertain when it comes to getting the job she wants. Sammie feels like nothing will ever be the same and continues to get madder and madder at her parents.

And then Eli, the son of her mom’s friend, is thrown into the picture. Sammie met Eli when she was little and remembers an embarrassing moment that Eli was sure not to forget, so Sammie tries to avoid Eli. But what Sammie soon finds is that she likes him.

This is a story about a 16-year old girl going through divorce, friendship and romance all in one summer. I really like this book.

Perfect Chemistry Simone Elkeles August 2, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Heartwarming, Romance, Week 7.

Violet_Moon ferndale

On one hand there is the popular and beautiful Brittany. Everyone thinks she has a perfect life, only she knows differently. Then there is Alex, a tough Hispanic gang member who really never wanted to be in a gang in the first place, but circumstances didn’t leave him a choice. What happens when these two become Chemistry partners. Will they end up arguing the entire year, or will they fall victim to an epic love story?
This book was AMAZING and really sweet, if you’re a hopeless romantic, or just need something heart-warming to read, I recommend this book. You are definitely not going to regret it. ;]

Wuthering Heights July 21, 2009

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I agree that Wuthering Heights is not your typical love story and is not for everyone. To keep up on what was happening I really had to pay attention. The characters are extremely complex. Heathcliff and Catherine cause more trouble than they thought when they decided not to marry each other. The story is told by a housekeeper who has witnessed everything going on, but she is a great storyteller. I recommend this book to any who likes Pride & Prejudice or anything like that.

The Reluctant Heiress by Eva Ibbotson July 10, 2009

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I just finished The Reluctant Heiress by Eva Ibbotson. This is a well written, spell-binding historical fiction and romance novel. The prologue and first couple chapters are kind of slow, but once you get past the history lesson you just totally devour the rest of the book. Tessa loves music, ever since she was young and heard it during her classes, it’s been her whole world. So she left her home in Pfaffenstein, where she was an princess with a castle and had basically no money, to work in an opera house as she fulfilled her love of the arts. No one in the Viennese opera house needs to know she their under wardrobe mistress is actually a princess. But all that changes when handsome, self made millionaire Guy Farne arrives, searching for an opera to play at his castle. There is an obvious attractive between Tessa and Guy, and Tessa soon realizes there is more to life than music. But with Guy’s vain fiancee in the way, Tessa starts to wonder if there will ever be a happy ending for her.
This is a must read! This novel is only second best in Ibbotson’s novels beneath A Countess Below Stairs. A story about European history, miraculous music, and love, I would highly recommend this novel to every girl who enjoys reading romance.

A Lady of Hidden Intent by Tracie Peterson July 1, 2009

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I read A Lady of Hidden Intent by Tracie Peterson. My friend gave this book to me, and it was sitting on my shelf for a while, while I was finishing another book. I didn’t especially think this was going to be a great book or anything like that.
Man was I wrong.
This is one of the cutest and most romantic books I’ve read lately. It tells the story of a young woman, Catherine Newbury, who’s father has been falsely accused of transporting slaves in England, in the mid 1800’s. Now, hiding in America five years later, she works as a seamstress, with a peasant’s last name (Shay), to make money to get back and help her father in jail. But now her dresses are being coveted by women all over Philadelphia. And to top it all off Carter Danby,  a young man who visited her estate five years earlier while traveling around Europe, is starting to take interest in her. Does Carter actually know Catherine’s real identity? Or is just her imagination? And will Catherine have to sacrifice all hopes of a happy ending for her father?
I would strongly suggest this novel to teen girls who enjoy reading historical fiction, or are just in the mood for something with romance. And if you like this book enough, there are also the other novels in this series: Ladies of Liberty.

Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan June 29, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Romance, week 2.
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summerhippee Deming 

Paul is gay. He has known this since kindergarten when he found a note from his teacher to his parents saying that he was “definitely gay”. Thankfully Paul lives in a city where there are lots of gays. His school also has a gay-straight alliance group that was only made to teach the straight people to dance and the cheerleaders ride motorcycles. But Paul isn’t having a very good time when this book starts. His ex-boyfriend Kyle is ignoring him and going out with girls. Infinite Darlene, now a girl but used to be a guy who is also the head quarterback for the football team, is pissed a Joni, Paul’s best friend, because she is starting to date Chuck, Infinite Darlene’s enemy. And then Paul meets Noah who just complicates the whole thing. First Paul gets together with Noah but when Kyle starts talking to Paul again Paul’s feelings get all mixed up and when Kyle needs some support Paul gives him a kiss to comfort him. Noah finds out and is really mad at Paul because Noah knows that Paul was dumped by Kyle and still might have some feelings for Kyle. Then Paul tries to talk to Joni but she storms off and ignores him completely. Paul has no idea what to do and looks for help from his friend Tony, but Tony is dealing with his religious parents who can’t accept the fact that he is gay. Paul doesn’t know what to do but he has to come up with something fast otherwise he will lose his best friend, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend and will never be able to see Tony again.

 This book is all about gay and straight kids and the problems they have and how they overcome that. It doesn’t have the “happy ever after” ending that could have happened but it is pretty close. I really loved this book.

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott June 29, 2009

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I loved this book! It was really touching and heart warming but had some saddness and pain. Kate’s life is not good. Ever since the start of freshman year her best friend Anna hasn’t talked to her because Anna got skinny over the summer and is now really popular. Kate’s dad is obbsessed with perfect you vitamins and is now causing her family to go broke because he quit his job to sell them. Not to mention that she has to work at the booth in the mall. But soon Kate starts feeling better when she starts sneeking off with Will. Kate has always really liked Will but Will is the kind of guy to dates a new girl each week. Kate thinks that Will doesn’t like her at all and is just using her as a new hook-up and when Will humiliates himself in school just to get popular again Kate says she’s done. But Kate will soon find that Will and herself are a lot different than they may seem on the outside. This book is really good and is not focused all on romantic stuff. I was a little disapointed with the ending because I would have loved to hear more. Read this!