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Briana’s Gift by Lurlene McDaniel June 18, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Reads to make you cry, Realistic, week 1.
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From summerhippee

In Deming
This book is an amazing story! It follows the story of Susanna who is 14. When Susanna’s sister, Briana, runs away and then comes back a year later, Susanna is shocked to find that her sister is pregnant. Their mom is very mad at Briana and doesn’t want to keep the baby but Briana and Susanna do. At the same time as all this Susanna is crushing on her best friend, Stuart, but can’t seem to tell him. One day Susanna and her mom get a call that Briana has been taken to the hospital. When they get there they find that she has been taken into ICU and is in critical condision. Susanna’s mom must then decide if they wish to save the baby or let her go along with Briana. This book is heart warming and brings tears to your eyes. It is all about what people do when life throws something at them that they weren’t expecting and they don’t want. It is a great book and I really recommend it.