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Teen Vogue August 5, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Fashion, Magazines.
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I finished my book one day and decided to read my sister’s Teen Vogue magazine. This is a magazine about fashion, make-up, inspirational young women and more. The fashion suggestions are spunky and “fierce” and girls who like trying out new, unpredictable trends would probably enjoy experimenting with them. The magazine features stories about women who stand up for their rights, and who aren’t afraid to show people who they really are. This is a good magazine for fads, but the suggested clothing is probably pricey for a majority of people. But all and all it’s a superb magazine for present fashion, and examples of how to wear them everyday.

Girls Life magazine July 6, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Fashion, Magazines, week 3.
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I just read GL or Girls Life magazine. (The 2008-2009 December issue) It is a good one for teen girls to read because it has quizes, advice, fashion, hair and makeup tips, stories etc. If you want something fun to flip through that woun’t take you a long time to read I would totally suggest this magazine. Also this issue in paticular gives holiday advice and great gift ideas and features Taylor Swift who I love!! 🙂