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Undone by Brook Taylor August 24, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Death/Dying, Family/Friendship, Realistic.
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@ Ferndale
In the novel Undone, Brook Taylor leads the reader through the broken life of Serena Moore’s. After losing her best friend since eighth grade after a car accident in tenth grade, Serena decides to finish her former friend’s list of five things to do if she could. Through completeing tasks like getting a tatoo, working thing’s out with her best friend’s boyfriend, she begins to realize she was forgetting who she really was. Plus, there was figuring out the answers to the tasks, “Confront┬áD” who was that? or “tell Serena” what? And how was Serena supposed to sing with Bleeder Valve if she couldn’t sing in front of people? Undone really relates with every reader even if their life isn’t as messed up as Serena Moore’s.

Chanda’s Secrets July 18, 2009

Posted by Aubri in AIDS, Death/Dying, Intense, week 5.
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Chanda’s Secrets by Allan Stratton
This was a really emotional and great book. It is set in south Africa where almost everyone is ashamed to admit that they or a family member has AIDS and people that have it are shunned and thrown to the streets. The book starts out by giving an overview of Chanda’s life: Having her father and brother die in a mining explosion; Iris being born by Isaac; Isaac sexually abusing Chanda; Soly being born my Mr. Dube; all leading up to their life right now where Chanda lives with her mother, her mother’s boyfriend Johan and her brother and sister in a small house next to their neighbor Mrs. Tafa. But after Johan disapeers for a month and apeers back at the house obviously infected with AIDS, everthing changes for Chanda. Now all she can think about is if her mom had AIDS or whether she does. Chanda doesn’t know what to do or if she can do anything.
This is an amazing story about a teenage girl overcoming her fears and the pressure of others to do what she thinks is right to help her family and friends. I really love it although it is sad.