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Crushed by Laura and Tom McNeal August 7, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Boring, Didn't like it, week 8.
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Audrey and her best friends Lea and C.C. just transfered from a small private school to Jemison High. All three are all on the weirder side of the popular kids so every one, including Audrey herself, is shocked when the hansome new kid Wickham Hill asks her out. Soon Audrey begins falling for Wickham HARD, but something about Wickham doesn’t seem right. He always knows what to say, avoids talking about his mom and dad and doesn’t drive. But Audrey ignores all this.
Then things start changing whether Audrey wants it or not. Clyde, a strange lurking guy in her world history class starts talking to her. Or at least trying to. And The Yellow Paper starts printing horribly mean things. But all this could change if Audrey just figures out how to do somethings and how not do to others.
This book was so-so and not really that interesting. It got better toward the end but was really slow in the beginning. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Magyk by Angie Sage July 28, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Boring, Didn't like it, Fantasy, Week 7.
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All in all, this was not the best book. One night, a seventh son of a seventh son disappears, supposedly dead. The same night, the baby’s father finds a baby girl lying in the snow. But what really happened? This book is kind of confusing and not very entertaining. In my opinion, the series gets proggressivly worse as it moves on, to the point where I stopped in the middle of the third book. It’s not the best, and I would not recommend this book.