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Split Second by David Baldacci August 10, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Action, Adventure, Mystery.
I just finished reading Split Second by David Baldacci. It was an amazing and thrilling book and I can’t wait to read more of the books. Ex secret service agent Sean King has finally begun to have a normal life again after letting the presidential canidate he was guarding get shot. But when a man in Witness Protection turns up dead in his office, his new life comes crashing down around him. At the same time, secret service agent Michelle Maxwelle allows a presidental canidate to comfort a grieving widow, alone, and he ends up being kidnapped. When Michelle looks closer she finds some startling revalations, and those finds bring her together with Sean. Could the assasionation of Clyde Ritter, the abduction of John Bruno, and the murder of several people all be connected? But as the body count rises, they become more and more convinced that this is no coincidence. People are dying, and if they aren’t careful, they might be next. Teaming up with the seductive Joan Dillinger and WITSEC agent Parks, Sean and Michelle find themselves deep in a mystery that has more questions than answers. When more and more people turn up dead, they become frantic to find the mastermind behind all of it. But Sean and Michelle know far to well that everything can change in a split second.
This is an amazing book that I recommend to anybody looking for a good mystery that will keep them up all night. While it’s not overly scary, this book has that deep seductive undercurrent that makes it impossible to put down. I highly suggest this book to everybody.


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