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Bloodhound; Book Two by Tamora Pierce August 4, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Action, Romance, suspense, week 8.


In this sequel to Terrier, Beka has been promoted to a Dog. But Beka can’t seem to keep a partner. One of Beka’s “birdies” tells her that the rye crops are going bad and when the bakery raises prices a riot breaks out. In the riot, Tunstall breaks both of his legs and must stay in bed for weeks. Then a large amount of false silver coins start apearing in shops and markets and when they find a trail leading to Cayn (not spelt right) two dogs must be sent to find the false coins. With Tunstall’s legs broken Beka and Goodwin are sent on the job. They must go undercover as visiting Dogs learning about the cities own Dogs. But a little surprise comes along when Beka sees Dale from the riot. Soon Beka and Dale become very close but Beka worries what will happen if he is one of the false coin makers, or what will happen to her heart? But Beka tries to put that behind her as she searches or clues leading to the coin makers and finds some astonishing news.
This book is really suspenseful and full of action. Not to mention a little romance. I really enjoyed this book and really suggest that people read it. But remember to read the first one first!


1. ella - August 4, 2009

This book was an amazing sequel don’t you think? Can’t wait for Elkhound!

2. summerhippee - August 6, 2009

Yes, I loved this book! I can’t believe I am going to have to wait till next year till I get to read the next one! I think I might go crazy waiting.

3. ella - August 9, 2009

I wonder what the next one is even about! Have you read Tamora Pierce’s Alanna series? It’s probably her best one…

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