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Thorn Queen, by Richelle Mead August 2, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Fantasy, Week 7.

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Thorn Queen, by Richelle Mead, is the second book in the Dark Swan Series. This book is the sequel to my favorite novel (Storm Queen), and it was just as suspenseful, humorous, and romantic. Eugenie Markham is a shaman with her own banishing business. After her last battle on Otherworld turf, and killing King Aeson, she has inherited the new Thorn Land, and become the Thorn Queen in the process. But Eugenie has always been taught the gentry are evil, and doesn’t want this land for herself. Now, young gentry girls are being stolen from her villages, and the kidnapper seems to hold a personal grudge. Eugenie, as always, is trying to avoid the prophecy of her first born destroying the human race, while her kitsune boyfriend, Kiyo, is occupied with his pregnant ex. Dorian, the sexy fey Oak King, always poses a dangerous distraction; and as tension starts to build in Eugenie’s relationship with Kiyo, Dorian always seems to be there  for her, and is the only one who realizes what it’s like being Eugenie Markham. Although Eugenie is reluctance with her queenship, she has sworn to do her duty, even if it means facing the darkest side of her nature…
A spectacular book about power, love, and magic. If ever anyone asked me what to read on any day, I would right away suggest this series. Although, if you are uncomfortable or squeamish about erotic scenes, I wouldn’t recommend this novel.


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