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Pendragon: The Merchant Of Death By D.J. MacHale August 2, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Week 7.


Bobby Pendragon is just a normal boy. He has a dog, plays basketball, kisses his crush… So what happens when his very cool, very secretive Uncle Press asks him for help? Soon, instead of normal 14 year old boy problems, he’s dealing with creepy shape-shifter Saint Dane, frightening “quigs”, and the thought of being a Traveler, someone who can travel flumes that transport him through space and time. Bobby ends up with the expectation of saving the planet Denduron. There he meets the gentle, but enslaved, Milago, and the arrogant Bedoowan who rule over them. He is given the challenge of leading the Milango’s revolution. But Bobby never asked to be a Traveler, and Loor – a girl his age from Zadaa, a warrior territory – believes him to be a coward and not worthy of the title: Traveler. As Bobby experiences the life of the Milango, he slowly comes to realize what he must do for this territory. But, although Bobby’s intentions soon become helpful, he might just make the biggest mistake of all…
This was a very well written sci-fi book. It reminds me of a very old series (Gor) in a way, but with a modern twist (obviously). A story about science, adventure, and the choices you have to make in life, Bobby Pendragon is a very good role model that could inspire many a teen to make better choices (or just not to trust your vague uncles…). The Merchant of Death was a superb start to a series.


1. summerhippee - August 2, 2009

I’m so glad you chose to read this book. I am really glad you liked it. Let me know if you like the next ones too.

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