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Flight of the Fisherbird by Nora Martin July 29, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Action, Historical, Week 7.
It is 1889, and Clem Nesbitt’s life in the beautiful San Juan islands is near perfect. But then her newly orphaned cousin Sarah comes to stay, followed by Clems Uncle Doran, and things become, well, fishy. While out in her boat, the Fisherbird, Clem sees two boat dangerously close together. One of them appears to be her Uncle’s boat. Shouts and splashing noises stun her into silence. It sounds like someone went overboard. As the boats drift off, Clem goes to investigate, and spots something brown floating in the water. After pulling it aboard, she finds a live chinese man wrapped in a burlap suck! He was trying to be smuggled into the country illegally, after the Scott Act of !888 prohibited chnese to return to the country. But what does this all mean, and how is Uncle Doran involved?
This book is great, and takes place right here on our own San Juan Islands. It also is historically accurate, but not boring in the least. It is a thrilling story, with a twisted ending. I highly suggest it to everybody who wants to learn about history in the least boring way.


1. ella - July 30, 2009

Sounds good for me!!

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