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Wicked Lovely July 27, 2009

Posted by Aubri in A Favorite, Fantasy, Week 7.


I just finished reading Wicked Lovely… again. I read it last summer, but the writing was so amazing and spontaneous I had to indulge in it a second time. Aislinn can see the fey world. She has always been able to, just like her mother, and grandmother before her. There are three rules: Don’t stare at invisible faeries, don’t speak to invisible faeries, and don’t ever attract their attention. Her best friend Seth (and maybe something more..??) is her only outlet from this world. But what happens when the rules Aislinn has abided by her whole life, mean nothing anymore? As Aislinn gets sucked into a very dark, old game suddenly everything she has ever cared about is at risk, and there is only one thing she can do to stop it…
A very modern faery tale, about love, intrigue, and expectations, I highly suggest this novel (and the following ones)!


1. Lannigirl - July 28, 2009

This is a great book– I still have to read the next 2

2. ella - August 6, 2009

Yeah… same. XD

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