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Pendragon July 18, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Family/Friendship, Fantasy, week 5.


Pendragon: Black Water Book 5 by D.J. MacHale

Warning: May contain spoilers for the previous book.
This book is the fifth in the series Pendragon. After Bobby lost his first territory, Veelox, he is off you find his friend Gunny who is on Eelong. But what Bobby finds their throws him for a loop. Instead of humans being the dominating creature they are cats called klees and humans, who are called gars, are considered animals. As Bobby tries to find out what the turning point is for this territory he begins to think it is the fact that the klees are starving and are about to resort to eating the gars, which were previously their slaves. But what Bobby doesn’t know is that his friends back on second earth, Courtney and Mark, know what is actually going on. The only way they can tell Bobby what they know is if they disobey his orders and go against what they had previously believed was right. Saint Dane had said that the rules had changed and so they have. Courtney and Mark are now able to flume to see Vo Spader on Cloral and there they make their decision.

In this book Bobby is forced to make many desicions that will either make or break their fight and will put many of his friends in danger. Not to mention tell someone he is now the traveler of Eelong who doesn’t want to be.



1. ella - July 19, 2009

I’ve been wanting to read these books for a while. Reading this review has inspired me too!

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