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Death By Denim July 6, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Mystery, week 3.


I just finished the third installment Death By Denim, in Linda Gerber’s series. Like the others, the author can’t get her thoughts on the page as well as some authors, but it’s a fun read that I’m sure you’d enjoy, anyway.
Aphra starts the book off in France, with a new identity. She goes to school, does her work, and comes home. No conversing, no friends. Nothing. So it comes as a surprise when one day, someone from the Agency tracks Aphra and her mother down, and tells them they need to get out of town.
Right away.
So they take a train to Paris, where someone tails them the whole way. Aphra soon realizes the only way to end this crazy life of running and hiding, for Seth’s family, and hers, is to face the problem head on. So she travels to Italy to find Seth and take out the enemy. But how does the Agency keep finding her? And who is the actual traitor in her colleagues?
Find out in this mystery: Death By Denim.


1. Aubri - July 6, 2009

Central Bellingham Library

I just finished reading Death by Denim by Linda Gerber. It’s the final(?) book in a trio that began with Death by Bikini, and then Death by Latte. Although the writing is not that great, and it’s very hard to keep track of everything at times, it has an interesting plot with a surprising, and totally sad ending. The Mole has discovered Aphra and her mom, forcing them to flee to Paris. When they arrive, their contact turns up dead (bound, gagged in denim and drowned in a river) and they have a day to turn Seth and Aphra over to the Mole or everybody dies. In her attempt to save Seth, and end this whole business, Aphra makes mistakes. Mistakes that could cost her the lives of everyone she loves…
Although everything is resolved at the end, Gerber sets up a great beginning if she ever wants to add another book to the series. Even though the writing is not very good, I’d still like to see what else Aphra gets into.

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