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Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott June 29, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Realistic, Romance, week 2.


I loved this book! It was really touching and heart warming but had some saddness and pain. Kate’s life is not good. Ever since the start of freshman year her best friend Anna hasn’t talked to her because Anna got skinny over the summer and is now really popular. Kate’s dad is obbsessed with perfect you vitamins and is now causing her family to go broke because he quit his job to sell them. Not to mention that she has to work at the booth in the mall. But soon Kate starts feeling better when she starts sneeking off with Will. Kate has always really liked Will but Will is the kind of guy to dates a new girl each week. Kate thinks that Will doesn’t like her at all and is just using her as a new hook-up and when Will humiliates himself in school just to get popular again Kate says she’s done. But Kate will soon find that Will and herself are a lot different than they may seem on the outside. This book is really good and is not focused all on romantic stuff. I was a little disapointed with the ending because I would have loved to hear more. Read this!


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