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Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan June 29, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Romance, week 2.

summerhippee Deming 

Paul is gay. He has known this since kindergarten when he found a note from his teacher to his parents saying that he was “definitely gay”. Thankfully Paul lives in a city where there are lots of gays. His school also has a gay-straight alliance group that was only made to teach the straight people to dance and the cheerleaders ride motorcycles. But Paul isn’t having a very good time when this book starts. His ex-boyfriend Kyle is ignoring him and going out with girls. Infinite Darlene, now a girl but used to be a guy who is also the head quarterback for the football team, is pissed a Joni, Paul’s best friend, because she is starting to date Chuck, Infinite Darlene’s enemy. And then Paul meets Noah who just complicates the whole thing. First Paul gets together with Noah but when Kyle starts talking to Paul again Paul’s feelings get all mixed up and when Kyle needs some support Paul gives him a kiss to comfort him. Noah finds out and is really mad at Paul because Noah knows that Paul was dumped by Kyle and still might have some feelings for Kyle. Then Paul tries to talk to Joni but she storms off and ignores him completely. Paul has no idea what to do and looks for help from his friend Tony, but Tony is dealing with his religious parents who can’t accept the fact that he is gay. Paul doesn’t know what to do but he has to come up with something fast otherwise he will lose his best friend, boyfriend, ex-boyfriend and will never be able to see Tony again.

 This book is all about gay and straight kids and the problems they have and how they overcome that. It doesn’t have the “happy ever after” ending that could have happened but it is pretty close. I really loved this book.



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