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Gone By Micheal Grant June 23, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, week 2.

violetmoon       Ferndale Library

Gone is a great science fiction novel. In the beginning, everything is normal until all the adults just poof, disappear. Like one minute they are there and the next they aren’t. It makes no sense whatsoever. Anyone over the age of 14 is gone. Everyone then turns to Sam, the town hero. Ever since he saved his classmates from a horrible bus accident, he had been trying to keep a low profile and leading the life of your average surfer. But now, the twon is in need of a leader, and everyone turns to Sam. Everything starts to go wrong when the kids from Coates Acadamy take control and suddenly, life is being ruled by the3 bullies. Now it’s up to Sam and his friends to save the town from the awful tyranny led by Sam’s own brother.



1. Aubri - June 23, 2009

I really want to read this soon! The sequel is out and we are getting more copies of it!


Let me know if it lives up to the first…


2. white A - July 11, 2009

Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love LOVE THIS BOOOK CANNOT WAIT TO GET THE SEQUEL ITS ON HOLD RIGHT NOW.

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