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Vampirates June 15, 2009

Posted by Aubri in Pirates, vampires, week 1.

Vampirates is an awesome book! Grace is my favorite character! She totally got picked up by vampire pirates! (Luv vamps and pirates. Combined… wicked) Connor is ok, but he’s to protective over Grace and that’s all he thought about when they were separated. I also like Grace’s vamp buddy, Laurken. (don’t think I spelled right) I don’t know though if picking Grace up from the Vampirate ship was the best idea. And the bad vampire is now roaming around eating people! Well can’t wait till the 2nd.




1. Aubri - June 15, 2009

YOU ARE THE FIRST POST FOR TEEN SUMMER READING!! Do you want me to send a prize to your local branch or mail it to you?

Thanks for getting things started! Aubri

2. Anonymous - June 16, 2009

Im going to have to agree that these are some of my favorite books. I mean really, any book that has the title as a cross between vampire and pirate must be good. I read the first three and was extremely disappointed when the third one ended. Im not sure if te fourth one is out yet but i cannot wait to read it!


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